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Tell me this is just a dream.


"It’s not a typhoon, it’s not an earthquake, but it’s going to send us back to the stone age!"

Kang Seungyoon accidentally woke the Godzilla up after using the tuning fork Mino gave him. Mino already had qualms about the idea and told Seungyoon never to use it. But he did and here begins an adventure that they never experienced before. Join these 2 ordinary people as they face and stop the monster from destroying New York City and the rest of the world.

  • G-Dragon (BB Final in Seoul, Jan 2014): It will be this summer. Summer is not that far. We will come back with a new album made by the complete team of BIGBANG, which you like. Please wait for us just a little more.
  • YG (late January): I’m thinking about BIGBANG’s comeback with a regular album in this summer. I think it will be in July or August.
  • T.O.P (June): I believe in the second half of this year.
  • G-Dragon (late July): I'm working hard on it. I don't know when it will be out too, but please wait a little more, then we will see you with a good album.
  • VIPs: *combined feeling of understanding, anger, and sobbing*

Guess who’s back?
We are, WINNER!