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What are the Cons of Each Member? 

  • (MINHO to TAEHYUN): This guy does not listen to what the other members say. Haha. That is not bad though. The youngest one always plays the role of lightening the atmosphere. But he is rather serious and makes the atmosphere serious sometime. So, he is chic, I should say. Am I being harsh on him? Haha.
  • (TAEHYUN to JINWOO): (After long time of thinking) Jinwoo-hyung has no cons actually. In fact, he is a very good guy.
  • (MINHO): Wow, that make me weird.

cameraman seungri filming the adorkable yg family.

he is i and i am him

zico and seungyoon (*・∀・*)(*・∀・*)

♫ da ra dat dat dat dat dat dat
baby don’t worry 

WINNER - 1thek Prime (x)